The Best Hair Style for You

Gone are the days of subdued lengths and subtle highlights. A big trading deal has taken place, with hairstyles now all about drastic cuts, vivid colors, and striking layers. In years past, a stylist would make sure that a color blended well with a client’s natural color. They made sure to line up all of the ends of hair to ensure a perfectly even cut. A hairstyle today is just the opposite; loose, wild, and whatever else you want it to be. These days, it doesn’t matter if a hairstyle is a long, short, layered or blunt cut, as long as it is well maintained

Bold, unnatural colors, purposely uneven lengths and angles, and lots of hair style products are driving people in droves to their hairdressers. Many of these looks, as well as the newly popular emo look, are all about self-expression and personal preference. If you like the color pink, you can have pink in your hairstyle. Can’t decide on just one color? No problem this year. A multitude of colors often adorns the hair style of any trendy fashion leader.

If the hair style trends of the 80s aren’t quite for you, that’s ok. There are the more natural hair style colors that are still bold and beautiful, just less loud and more on the natural side. Red is hot this year, whether it be a reddish blonde, a bright auburn, or a deep reddish purple. There are tons of colors for hair available on store shelves this year, from burgundies to blues to browns to yellows. The perfect hairstyle for anyone seems to be anything that they can dream of, as long as it is a hair style that is well maintained and healthy.


If you are not looking for a permanent change of color to your hairstyle, there is a wide variety of products that offer a temporary change. There are hair colors that are permanent, semi-permanent lasting through 28 shampoos, colors that will stick with you for 12 shampoos, or those that will wash out the next morning after a blazing night out on the town. You don’t have to spend tons of time and money at a professional hair salon anymore to get a great new look; all you have to do is go to your local store and pick out a great shade that will make you feel great, and make sure that you keep your hair style healthy-looking and strong.

Your hair style this season is all about you; anything that you are comfortable with in a hairstyle is what is trendy this year. The best touch to add to your hairstyle is color. Expressing yourself in whatever color suits your tastes makes all colors good colors this year, whether it be hot pink, a deep, bold teal green, or that classic sexy burgundy. Compliment your hair style with a color that you have always wanted to try; now is the time!


Lifestyle Tips to Keep your Hair Healthy

A healthy lifestyle can help you avoid some of the common problems that lead to excessive shedding and loss of hair. Some of the lifestyle steps you can take to keep your hair healthy:


Nutrition There are certain foods and nutrients that can help your hair become healthier and fuller in no time. Whole foods that are recommended for your hair include protein such as fish, eggs and beans, whole grains such as oats and quinoa and healthy fats like chia and avocado. You should also eat enough fruits and vegetables to provide vitamins and minerals to your hair.These foods help your hair grow and look healthier They also help minimize breakage and also improve your hair’s overall thickness.

Manage Stress Stress has a huge impact on your hair. Chemicals that are released because of stress hormones can reduce the nutrients being absorbed. This means that your hair does not get what it needs. You should reduce stress through activities such as yoga, stretching and walking. You should also get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

Use the Right Hair Products Avoid using shampoos and conditioners which contain alcohol and toxic chemicals. These can dry your hair out and lead to breakage. There are great vegan and natural shampoos out there you can try. You should also choose hair products designed for your hair type.

Conclusion If you put this into practice, you can be sure that you will not have sleepless nights worrying about becoming bald any time soon.