If you have an afro you do not have to restrict yourself to one hair style day in day out- your hair certainly deserves better. You can still maintain your afro and still remain trendy and sassy for any occasion. Truth be told, finding the best style or cut for your afro can be a hard nut to crack. Most of the styles for afro revolve around coily, kinky, kurly or all the three put together. What you should know is that using the right product for your afro will ensure you maintain your hairstyle the best way you want it to be. This article seeks to enlighten you on the latest afro hair styles that will leave you looking nothing short of the best.

The Box Fade Cut

This hair style was a killer back in the 90’s and 80’s. Here the hair on the sides is tapered to the skin and the rest of the hair is worked up to have a flat top. Think box fade cut and the famous Will Smith comes to mind. This styles really does it with afro hair and will certainly give you some sort of coolness as you go doing your business. To have this style your afro hair needs to be curly because when the curls get well combed out, that is when they bring out the shape as well as the definition. Traditionally, barbers used to fade out the hair on the sides and the back going up towards the bone that is saucer shaped foud at the lower back of the head. You can as well go with this method to have this style in place. You can ask your barber to use a flat top comb for a sleek finish.

The Natural Afro

This is the most common of all afro hair do’s. It entails working with the texture of your natural hair and using the right products to improve your curls to have a great shape. This hair style works best for those with mid-length hair or longer hair. To bring this out, you need to use a product or lotion that will enhance your curls. Dampen your hair with the product to not only define but also enhance the natural curls. If you want, you could as well mix in with some moisturizing oil for a sleekly glow. If you want to maintain this style, you will want to avoid using heat for your curls to take up a natural shape. Once you have applied your desired product, give your hair some time dry up naturally.

Hard Parting Afro

This is simply having a shaved line on the side of your hair. You may choose to have a neat office friendly or deeper parting. How defined it is going to look will solely depend on how you would want the shaved line to go. There are quite a number of variations that come with this hairdo. Before working on your hair, your stylist should consult you to know how deep he or she should go with the shaved line.

With the above hair styles, you can be sure to stand out and look amazing. Maintaining an afro is not as difficult as others may want to put it. With the right product, you can have a great afro hair do.