Men’s Beards – Different Styles and General Care

Back in the day

Going back to the Viking age having a full beard was a sign of being a real man, today it is used as a fashion statement or some may be using it a way to provoke others.

When the hipster came into the picture aa couple of years ago, the full beards came into focus all around the globe, beards that would make ZZ top look clean shaven were suddenly seen on street corners.

Different styles

There as many styles as there are people and the different styles are also some that may be only found in certain parts of the world.

If you look around in your neighborhood you will often see many different kinds of beards and something you have not even noticed before.

You will see anything from full beards to mutton chops and everything in between.

Many styles like the full beard you will see amongst hipsters, bikers and people into religions like Aesir and a few others. It can be in different lengths and some may even have it braided or have beads in it.

Another style completely different from his is the clean cut version that men wear around the mouth, clean shaven on the cheeks but surrounding the mouth you will see a well-trimmed beard.

Others will have a mustache as the one well known from men such as Tom Selleck and other notabilities. The mustache had its glory in the 80’es, but hipsters are bringing back this type of beard that you now can see a lot of men having.

Also a goatee is a beard that has possibilities. A goatee is where the beard is grown in length, but only at the chin and it can often be seen in art communities, Salvador Dali sported a fine goatee in his career and it was actually a part of his image he did not want to give up.

Actually it is only your own imagination that determines what kind of beard you want to have, if you are bold enough, you can choose to grow a full beard on side of your face, dye it bright orange and walk around like that, it will certainly raise some heads and make you a local celebrity.

It is your genetics that determine if you can grow beard and how full it will be able to become, but a good diet and a healthy living will definitely not be a good idea.

Once you have grown a beard you will have to be able to keep I clean, keep it trimmed, it is like your hair, make sure you treat it with same respect and always use good oils and other products to make sure it looks clean and healthy.

It is more necessary than you will probably know, a recent study showed that many men with a beard actually had as many bacteria in their beard as they did on their hands, so for your own and for your partners sake please keep it clean and keep it